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Greetings in the name of the Lord who was born in a cradle, died on a cross, buried in a grave yet rose Sunday morning with all power of both heaven and earth! It is certainly an honor to serve as Moderator of the Canaan District Association®. I have been humbled by the privilege of serving in this office as a representative of this district all over this great State of ours.

I am thankful to each of you for your love and support. I am also thankful to my Vice Moderators and the outstanding job that the Auxiliary leaders are doing. I am excited about the future of the Canaan District Association®, for with "God all things are possible."

The Canaan District Association® has achieved much with even more to come. As a body of baptized believers with the help of the Lord, we shall accomplish these things as His will permits. Together, we will keep our hands to the plow and help build disciples for Christ and His Kingdom as we await His return.

God Bless!

Dr. Rex Woodwork



The Canaan District Association® is organized for the following purpose:

1. To promote cooperative and harmonious activities of the local churches of its denomination in carrying out the Great commission of our Lord.

2. To encourage Christian fellowship and close cooperation among its member churches and with sister associations, The Oklahoma Baptist State Convention and the National Baptist Convention.

3. To provide a Channel through which the energies of the churches may be directed and magnified by cooperative effort to minister to the spiritual, moral, social and physical needs of the people living within the territory of the Association and throughout the world.

4. To operate the Canaan Baptist Assembly for recreation, bible study, prayer and other purposes of the Association, to be used for meetings and other functions of various church organizations (such as the Women’s Missionary Union, and the Men's, Young Adult, Youth, and Children ministries, etc..) and other groups authorized by the Association.

5. To operate the Canaan District Association® exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes, receiving contributions and other income to be used for the stated purposes of this Association.

6. To provide administrative services and other aids for its member churches and to assist them in strengthening their programs.

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